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Why Choose Us?

I have a longstanding passion for making bath and body products that leave skin feeling soothed. In 2006 I started out working with melt and pour soap because I didn't want to take the risk of using sodium hydroxide with kiddos in the home. I loved how creative I could be!

Now that the children are older I make cold and hot process soap, bath bombs, bath melts, candles and more while including our little ohana in this handcrafting realm! Your orders support a small family directly, so we are grateful you have come to our little corner of the internet! 

We prefer to source our ingredients from local people with sustainable and compassionate business practices, so when you buy from us, you are helping support the community we are a part of!

I personally like the creative freedom I can take with soaps, so here you will see natural colorants, manmade tried and true colorants, essential oils and fragrance oils. Cold process is exactly that! I have personally developed my recipe through a few years' research to come up with the ideal properties of saponified oils. I also have a goatmilk soap line for very sensitive skin. I use my background in holistic health to find soothing plants and clays to put in my soaps as well if you find yourself needing a bit of extra care. Soaps can only do so much, however, so please ask about soothing oils and other topical products that ALO Handmade provides to customers time and time again!

"I absolutely love Karyl's soaps! They are silky sweet, lather really well, and they don't give me the same itchy hives that most store bought soaps do! She also makes a chap-stick, and I use it every day! I chose the Cabernet Crush flavor and mmm, trying not to eat it! For anyone with sensitive skin, I HIGHLY recommend getting a little of everything to try out. She has all kinds of skin oils that I'm super addicted to and mostly use up too quickly to keep on hand!

Rebecca Steinwand

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